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NEWS: Bus Drivers Naked Charity Calendar

Published 21 Dec 2017

‘The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round’…..but hold on a minute, where are all the bus drivers?

Following a colleague’s diagnosis with breast cancer, a group of bus drivers from the Isle of Wight have decided to take action – they’ve taken their clothes off in the name of charity and produced a naked calendar to raise vital funds to support our work to help prevent others from getting this terrible disease.

Now a naked calendar is a brave thing to do (especially at this time of year, brrrrrrr), so we wanted to find out a bit more about the people behind the idea and what their motivation was for baring all.

Who are you?

We are a group of bus drivers from the Isle of Wight, including the photographer. The idea was conceived by Gemma Roberts and myself (Steve Bryant). Claire Russell has also been heavily involved in getting various aspects of the project into motion.

What was the motivation behind the calendar?

Our motivation for this has been Jill Stone. Events happened so quickly for her. In mid October she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was already in an advanced stage and at the start of November she unfortunately had to have a mastectomy. She is due to start chemo on the 10th December. She is a very forthright person and is planning to come into work on the 20th December to have her head shaved for a wig making charity. She has no idea we are doing this calendar for her.

How did the calendar come together?

The drivers have a secret group on social media and one driver posted a pic bearing his chest. One of our female drivers liked this and asked for 'more flesh please'. I then posted a picture of myself gardening naked (i'm a nudist). I also urged other male drivers to bear all. I think the female form has been exploited too much in media and advertising for far too long. I said let the ladies ogle us for a change.

Because of the amount of drivers that were posting, Gemma had the idea of putting a calendar together for Jill. Just to let her know we are thinking of her. Jill herself has always wanted to put a nude charity calendar together but with no motivation there were no volunteers.

We hired a hall 2 weeks ago and did a quickly thrown together shoot with a few props. Along with the photos posted online we have now finished the calendar. This was just going to be a calendar for Jill but there has been so much interest we are selling it at £6 a copy with all profits going to your charity. So far we have orders for over 80 calendars.

We will present her with flowers and the calendar after she has done her head shave on 20th December.


Wow we think you’ll agree, this is a project that has come straight from the heart, what a wonderful thing to do for a colleague. Guaranteed you’ll all be on the good list this Christmas!

If you’d like to buy this calendar visit their facebook page here for information on how to order.

Thank you from everyone at Breast Cancer UK!

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