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Many scientists are concerned about the link between certain chemicals and the development of breast cancer. Some are conducting ground breaking research into this area.

  • Dr. Philippa Darbre, University of Reading

    Dr. Darbre is especially concerned about the potential for mixtures of oestrogenic chemicals from personal care products to enter the human breast and bring about development of the hallmarks of cancer in breast cells.

  • Dr. Laura Vandenberg, University of Massachusetts

    Dr. Vandenberg’s research explores how low doses of chemicals and chemical mixtures during critical windows of development can predispose individuals to diseases, including breast cancer, later in life.

  • Professor. Ana M. Soto, Tufts University

    Professor Ana Soto, (with Dr. Sonnenschein), was the first to isolate estrogenic chemicals from plastics. They are currently studying how foetal exposure to xenoestrogens can affect development in the mammary gland.

  • Professor Vyvyan Howard, University of Ulster

    Prof. Howard specialises in developmental toxicology. With Dr. Soto, he is currently researching how endocrine disrupting chemicals impact on breast development, a project that is part-funded by Breast Cancer UK. Read more.

If you’d like to speak to one of these scientists, please contact or call 0845 680 1322.