Every year, around 56,000 people in the UK will receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

At least 30% are preventable.

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 At Breast Cancer UK, we’re dialling up the volume on prevention to drive these numbers down, and we’re using science-backed research, education, fundraising and campaigning to make it happen.

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Chemicals and breast cancer risk.

Chemicals linked to breast cancer can be found in many everyday products. These are known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs).

Men get breast cancer too.

Around 400 men a year are diagnosed with breast cancer.  We have tailored advice for you.

Transgender and breast cancer risk.

Read our fact sheet to understand your risk.

Get Cooking.

Download our free organic recipe book and cook healthy recipes from scratch to help reduce your risk.

Breastfeeding and breast cancer.

Learn how breastfeeding can help reduce your risk.