15 November, 2023

Learning that three women he knows had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer propelled Dan Farrow on a 100-mile cycle challenge in May 2023. Raising more than £6,000 for Breast Cancer UK along the way.

“I wanted to do something to help other than just say that I was sorry to hear that news,” says Dan. “So I thought I’d go and do this bike ride to try and raise some money.”

Dan is a finance expert who founded SBN Wealth Management in 2006. He lost both parents to cancer, which means that charities associated with the disease are close to his heart.

“My friends and clients were also very sympathetic to anything cancer-related,” he explains. “So, I approached them for sponsorship, which reached more than £3,500. We also raised £2,500 from an insurance company we deal with, donated directly to the charity through its charitable trust. I think people continue to donate even though the bike ride has been and gone.”

Dan’s cycle challenge

Dan has previously cycled, although he admits he should have done more training.  

“I’ve got a Peloton bike that is quite good exercise, but I should’ve trained much harder for the road event. I have a road bike, but a week before the race, I hadn’t used it for two and a half years. It had cobwebs on it.”

He went on three small rides before cycling a hundred miles: “I walked like John Wayne afterwards!”

How did the 100-mile cycle go?

He adds that the last 10 miles were the hardest. Still, weather conditions were good, and he felt buoyed up by everyone else riding and raising money for various charities. 

“I think my time was okay,” he adds. “It was a fantastic opportunity to cycle on roads through London and Essex that had no traffic (except for 1,000 cyclists). It was a great atmosphere.”

Dan admits to being ” hugely competitive in everything I do”, noting that he was marginally slower than four of his friends who are ex-Marines. 

“There was a little bit of competition between us. But the guys I was cycling with had been training for six months,” he says. “They were hacked off that I kept up with them. I did the event in 5 hours and 36 minutes, with an average speed of 29.3 kilometres and burned 3,634 calories. I need to do a few more of those, I think.”

The future of Dan’s cycling

He adds that the experience enthused him to exercise more: “I think cycling’s a great thing to do, whether you’re doing it on your own or with a group of friends. I’ve raised money for a good cause. And I think the people I contacted who had cancer or breast cancer or knew someone going through the treatment felt that someone was supporting a charity aligned to what they were experiencing.”

He also hopes that what he did helps others: ” The more people that support these charities, the better as long as the money does get directed in the right way and not buried in the administration. I’m just very pleased that I’ve raised some money and hope it helps in a tiny way.” 

Dan admits he’s never competed in such an event before and doesn’t see himself doing it again. He explains, “I’m in the business of creating wealth and managing people’s money, not taking it off them. Even though it’s for a good cause, there’s a fine line. But I was delighted doing it this once because it was for an excellent cause. The generous donations from clients, friends and family humble me.” 

If you would like to raise funds for Breast Cancer UK like Dan, or if you find a cycle challenge you like, email the team [email protected] to get started. 

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