About us

What we do

What we do  

Breast Cancer UK is dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer by tackling the environmental and lifestyle causes of the disease. 

We are the only UK cancer charity that focuses on all aspects of breast cancer prevention, including diet, lifestyle, and exposure to harmful chemicals found in everyday products and the environment.

Our approach to prevention is threefold: 

  • We provide practical information and advice to help people reduce their risk of breast cancer.
  • We fund animal-free research to understand the environmental and chemical causes of breast cancer. 
  • We campaign to strengthen public health and environmental protections to prevent breast cancer.  

In order to achieve these objectives, we raise charitable funds in line with Charity Commission guidelines.

Our approach

We take a precautionary and evidence-based approach to environmental chemicals and breast cancer risk. If  there is scientific evidence that a chemical may be harmful to human health and has been linked to increased breast cancer risk, our advice will be to avoid this chemical and we will call for its ban or restriction unless scientific studies demonstrate it is safe to use.  

This is why we advocate limiting our exposure to harmful chemicals found in everyday products and our environment. Many are suspected of being associated with increased breast cancer risk.  

How we work

The information we share and produce is drawn from peer-reviewed scientific publications and expert bodies, according to strict quality-controlled guidelines. We work to ensure our public-facing information is of high quality, accurate, balanced, and in line with our charitable objectives.  

An independent scientific review panel advises our work and scientifically evaluates our background briefings, which form the basis of our public-facing content. 

Our strategy

Breast Cancer UK’s strategic plan outlines the role we will play in helping to achieve our mission to prevent breast cancer. It sets out our key strategic objectives that inform our activities and shape our priorities over the coming years.  

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Chip in to fund the next research breakthrough

If you share our concerns about the links between harmful chemicals and breast cancer, please consider donating to help fund our next important project. By understanding the causes of breast cancer we can reduce the chances of our loved ones being diagnosed in the future. Thank you.