Those diagnosed with breast cancer often look back at their lives and wonder if there was anything they could have done to prevent it. In most cases, it’s not possible to know whether events and actions in your past could have contributed to your risk of developing the disease.

But often, a diagnosis of breast cancer means reflecting on the past and considering the future and an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. The amazing women below all have something in common: having had breast cancer they are passionate about reducing their future risk to help prevent a recurrence, and about sharing our prevention message.


When Emma decided to hang up her boots as a partner in a law firm to spend more time with her kids, she never envisaged the emotional and physical challenge that lay ahead.



Samantha was 35 years old when she discovered a lump in her breast that led to eighteen months of devastation and uncertainty.


Tina was 39 years old when she was diagnosed with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer. She realised something had to change, and began to look at how she could change her lifestyle for the better.


Jane was 41 when she was diagnosed with the rare form of Triple Negative breast cancer.  A single mum, in a new relationship, her life had taken an unexpected turn.


Marta was 48 when she was diagnosed with stage 2-3 breast cancer.  Having recently moved to London from Brazil Marta had to deal with diagnosis and settling into a new country.

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