Marta Maddalena was 48 when she discovered a lump in her nipple in 2013. She was living in Brazil at the time, in a highly pressurised job working for a large company, and married to a French chef. The lump was dismissed by her doctor, but when she moved to the UK with her husband who was starting a new pastry company she noticed the lump had enlarged, so went to see the doctor in London, who sent her for tests. 

She was diagnosed with stage 2-3 breast cancer and in 2015 began treatment which included surgery to remove part of her breast and lymph nodes. As she had just recently arrived in the UK she had no friends or family, so had to rely on friends and family abroad to support her, as well as her husband, who himself was also preoccupied with trying to open a new business. She would walk a good few miles to the hospital for her chemotherapy sessions as part of a new regime she promised herself. 

After a difficult round of treatment, Marta decided to change her life and revert to the type of healthy lifestyle she used to have as a young girl when she was keen on athletics and gymnastics – before she had been drawn into the corporate and busy world of Retail and Marketing for International Fashion Companies.

Today she feels very grateful to have survived cancer and to be able to share her experience and encourage others to adopt a new healthy lifestyle by eating well and avoiding harmful chemicals. She has also started a herbal medicine course which has inspired her to be interested in new treatment methods and she hopes to one day soon be able to go into this as a career. 

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