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In the UK over 13,000 breast cancer cases per year could be prevented. It is Breast Cancer UK’s mission to prevent breast cancer through scientific research, collaboration, education and policy change.  

Breast cancer incidence rates have increased by 25%, in the UK, over the last 20 years and are predicted to rise by a further 2% between 2014 and 2035 (1).  

1 in 7 women are predicted to get breast cancer at some point in their lives (2). Yet over a quarter of cases are preventable (3).  Certain lifestyle changes and avoiding exposures to harmful chemicals can help to reduce risk. 

Breast Cancer UK’s strategic plan outlines the role we will play in helping to achieve our mission to prevent breast cancer.  It sets out our key strategic objectives that will inform our activities and shape our priorities over the coming three years. 

Breast Cancer UK’s charitable objectives help to make prevention possible 

Breast Cancer UK’s charitable objectives set out to tackle the preventable risk factors for breast cancer.  Our approach to prevention is threefold:

We educate and raise awareness of the preventable risk factors for breast cancer and provide practical information to help people reduce their risk.  

We campaign for policies that support the prevention of breast cancer.

We support scientific research that helps to understand and address the preventable risk factors for breast cancer.

Our Strategic Objectives for 2019 -2022

Our strategic objectives are informed by our understanding of the current state of the scientific research associated with breast cancer prevention, by feedback from our supporters and beneficiaries and by the current political environment.

Education and Awareness Raising - We will:

  • expand our advice to include all preventable risk factors for breast cancer
  • improve access to practical solutions that help people take direct action to reduce their risk
  • reach and engage more younger women with our message

Policy Change - We will:

  • develop a strategy for breast cancer prevention which provides guidance on how prevention can be incorporated into local services and national policies. 
  • continue to shape and inform policy making in the UK and in the EU, to improve consumer protections, promote cancer prevention policies and a precautionary approach

Science and Research - We will:

  • prioritise funding and commissioning of scientific research that helps to understand the impact of chemicals in breast cancer risk.
  • promote collaboration and bring together scientists and researchers in the field of breast cancer prevention.

Your can read our strategic plan in full here



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