8 September, 2022

Would you like to buy more organic food – for environmental or animal welfare reasons or because it is healthier – but think it’s simply far too expensive? It’s true, you have to dig deeper to buy organic produce. But with the following tips, you can buy organic food without putting an extra strain on your household budget. 


  • Buy local and seasonal organic fruit and vegetables – fresh produce is cheapest when in-season because it’s in abundance and when it’s local it doesn’t have hidden transport costs. Check out your nearest farmers’ market and support local farmers and their work.
  • If you can’t afford to buy all organic, then get to know which fruit and vegetables are best to buy  – get to know the Dirty dozen list, a list produced by the Pesticide Action Network which names the fruit and vegetables which have the highest levels of pesticides on them.
  • Look out for special offers! Around the weekend (especially on Saturday and Monday) many organic supermarkets have discounted foods that are approaching expiry dates, so produce is often at half price.
  • Check out your nearest discount supermarkets. Large discounters such as Lidl and Aldi now also carry a wide range of organic foods and offer them at reasonable prices.


  • Stay away from ready-made meals. The more processing steps are involved in the finished product, the more expensive it is. If you buy the ingredients for your pizza individually, you can feed your whole family for the price of two frozen organic pizzas!
  • Reduce your meat consumption. Organic meat is often twice as expensive as meat from conventional livestock. This can be quite expensive, especially if you buy a lot of meat products. A diet that contains less processed meat is not only healthier but also more climate-friendly and easier on your wallet. It will also help reduce your risk of breast cancer.
  • Try baking it yourself! Instead of buying cakes, cookies or bread at the organic food store, you can simply make them yourself. Look for a yummy-sounding recipe and then find the organic ingredients in your supermarket. Got leftovers? Dry pastries and bread are also easy to freeze.
  • Buy frozen organic food. When it comes to organic vegetables and fruits, frozen options are often cheaper than fresh ones. Keep a good stash in your freezer for when you need them (especially for those evenings when you have no idea what to cook!). Frozen organic blueberries make a great addition to your porridge for breakfast. Frozen fruit and vegetables usually contain more nutrients than vegetables in jars or cans, and often more than fresh vegetables that have been stored in the refrigerator for more than a few days.

Smarter ways to live

  • Try out organic box schemes: It’s now easier than ever to sign up for an organic food box, with plenty of options around. They can be delivered straight to your door without any fuss. The price you pay varies depending on the type of food you’re ordering and how much you need. To save money, why not share the cost and the box with friends or family?
  • The foods you eat every day – make sure these are organic. Some of us are creatures of habit and eat the same foods regularly, and, for example, have porridge for breakfast almost every morning. Pick out the foods you eat every day (in this case oats) and buy organic. Foods that you eat only occasionally, you can buy from conventional production to save money.

Read our Key facts sheet on pesticides, organic food and breast cancer risk for more information and keep an eye on our social channels for great tips on how to incorporate more organic foods into your life.

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