9 December, 2021

Supporting Breast Cancer UK is a natural for Organibox. As Tony Berry, one of the founders of Organibox, says: “Why wouldn’t we?! You’re doing amazing work, and your ethos and beliefs around clean, healthy eating. The importance of diet totally mirrors ours.”

Eating well, feeling good

Organibox was born out of a belief that eating well, feeling good, and looking after people and the environment is the right thing to do. As Tony says:” We saw an opportunity to use our 70+ years working with organic farmers to deliver direct to customers. The best 100% organic produce while having the fairest relationship with our farmers, the least environmental impact and the most positive impact on others.”

Tony adds that Organibox is also 100% committed to organic produce. Because the company passionately believes it produces the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce: “For us, organic means working with nature to protect nature, which in turn provides a better environment for all of us. It means lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers. And a more environmentally ethical approach to land management and the natural environment, which means more wildlife.”

A better way

All Organibox packaging is 100% plastic-free. Every part of the Organibox (the actual box, leaflet, paper bags, and shred) can be added to a recycling bin. Or added to a compost bin to help produce soil for the garden. As Tony says: “We think it’s infuriating and totally unnecessary that so much produce in supermarkets is wrapped in plastic. There is a better way – we’re doing it!”

In addition to commitments to recyclable packaging and organic foods, the company sources its produce using the most environmentally and efficient way possible. While always looking first to its network of organic farmers based in the UK, the company does source some products. Such as bananas and blood oranges from outside the country. However, as Tony explains: “We all know the UK climate isn’t great for growing some fruits, so we do need to import these from abroad.”

Tony adds: “We work with organic farmers who grow more than one type of produce. And collectively transport the produce we need from different farmers to reduce the number of imports. We always use sea cargo over air freight as we understand this is kinder to our environment.”

Here at BCUK, we highlight how some pesticides used in the past have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Certain pesticides that are currently used may also be carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals that interfere with oestrogen. Long-term exposure to these may increase breast cancer risk. Furthermore, early life exposure may affect breast development, increasing susceptibility to breast cancer later in life. That’s why we recommend eating organic food to help limit your exposure to pesticides.

Community spirit

Organibox launched in April 2021. It has already built a community on social media (@organiboxUK), including Instagram, offering top tips and recipe ideas. The company partnered with Kitche. A free app that targets household food waste. To share hacks and recipes for using food waste, specifically food pulp. Hacks range from using vegetable pulp to thicken soup to livening up pancakes by adding the pulp to the batter. While pulp recipes (by Chef Dan) include ‘Veggie Pulp & Bean Burgers/Meatballs’ and ‘Orange Pulp Scones’.

Tony adds: “We share our knowledge of all things organic and how to care more deeply about our planet. We work with foodies and professional chefs who share their favourite meals to cook with our produce, plus we’re working with the national press to drive awareness of our brand, our values, and our ethos. We scooped the top spot in the Indy Best Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Box review earlier this year, which we were obviously thrilled with!”

Organibox also produces a monthly newsletter, which has a growing list of subscribers. It also offers hints and tips to make the most of all Organibox products. Subscribers get a heads up when the company is expanding its range with new items, such as ‘The Juicing Box’ launched in September to celebrate Organic September. As Tony says: “The Juicing Box is packed with 10 different varieties of fruits and veggies, enough to make a juice each day for a week, and it’s less than £20 – a total bargain!”

Making a difference

Ultimately, it’s all about taste, as Tony explains: “I think our customers have found us because they were fed up with eating non-organic supermarket fruit and vegetables that didn’t taste as they remembered. Leaving them with a mountain of plastic waste each week. I also think people are more actively looking for ways that they can personally make a difference to how they feel and help the environmental situation, and eating organically is a step everyone can explore.”

And Tony adds that personally supporting two friends battling cancer makes him feel even more strongly about bringing extra visibility to the work done by BCUK: “We want to wish BCUK every success with the campaign.

Check out Orginbox’s range of subscription offers and sign up for a regular dose of healthiness! In the knowledge that you’re taking active steps to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

For more information please see our Pesticides, organic food, and breast cancer risk.

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