You’re moments away from helping us prevent breast cancer for future generations

Where we spend your money

Helping people reduce their risk

15,000 people have taken our prevention quiz to find out how they can reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Understanding the causes of breast cancer

over £1 million has been invested in animal-free research so we can better understand the causes of breast cancer to prevent it for future generations.

Motivating people to get active

Over 13 million steps have been walked as part of our Steps Challenge helping people reduce their risk of breast cancer.

"Being able to do my little bit every month to help make sure fewer people suffer from breast cancer means an awful lot to me."

“Breast cancer prevention is really important to me because, after the loss of my wife to breast cancer,  my family and I know the pain this horrible disease can bring. I decided I would make a monthly donation to Breast Cancer UK, whose research in this field I feel is so important.”

Don Bird