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Are you game?

Quiz Night  

You can let the guests know the themes of the quizzes in advance, giving them a chance to brush up on their trivia.You could charge your guests to enter the quiz. This can be one of the best ways to raise money for charity. You'll have people attending who love trivia and quizzes, and you'll have a chance to pitch them your charitable organisation and cause. Plus, you can spend a fun few hours battling it out to see who has the best knowledge of facts and trivia.  Use our handy quiz generator to help with your evening

Casino Royale

Poker, Blackjack and Roulette are games your guests can't help but love, and they'll have a chance to play for a good cause.

The set-up is simple: every guest has to donate to "buy in" to the game. Let's say the fee is £10 per guest, this £10 is a direct donation to the charitable cause.

Guests can continue to "buy" more chips (donate more to charity) until the game is finished.

Casino tables are easy to hire and guarantee a captive audience and, it's a great chance for people to donate to your cause! It is an excellent option for making your charitable event stand out in your attendees' minds.

Banned Word Jar

As each guest arrives to the event, let them know that there is one word that is "banned" for the night. Make it a common word, one that most of your guests tend to use frequently in conversation. Every time they use that word, they have to put £1 into the jar.

But the fun doesn't stop there, guests can pay £20 to have the word un-banned, or they can pay £5 to get another word banned. The idea behind the game is that all of your guests are trying to catch other people in the act of saying the banned word. It's a friendly competition that can have your guests laughing at their own mistakes, as well as competing to trip up their friends and coworkers.

However, the fact that they're paying means you have a great fundraising opportunity!​


Everyone likes a good games night, but too many charity events focus on the James Bond casino type soirees to bring in needed donations. But what about a good old fashioned board game tournament for your non martini drinking donors?

Kids love to gather with their friends, so why not take advantage of this by offering a safe and supervised place for them to gather with a board game fundraiser? Many kids and teens have a favorite game at home—Snakes and Ladders, Sorry, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Trouble, or even Monopoly! Have families lend board games from home that are appropriate for the age group you’ve chosen to host.

All you need to do as the organizer is collect the games, determine if you want players broken up into teams that will work together to accumulate points or individual participants…and roll the dice for an evening of fun!


Hit up some friends that like to play video games, and set out a designated date that is good for everyone.

Figure out a game that everyone agrees on, and make sure it is "tournament approved". Here are some things a game must include for it to be "tournament approved":

  • A fun multiplayer mode, with scores 
  • Preferably a 4 player multiplayer, 2 & 3 player is okay only if you have about 5-6 people, any more and you want 4 player.
  • It must have excitement and have a theme or subject everyone understands.
  • The matches, races, songs, games, or whatever you play in the game must not drag on forever! People lose interest after a while

Gather all supplies needed; snacks, beverages, game console, controllers, video game. At this time you should also organize the tournament, whether you randomize or strategize the matches, get it all together.

Explain how it is going to work and make sure each individual fully understands the process. If you are randomly organizing (such as drawing out of a hat) get that done at this time.

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