Prevention centred healthcare

We’re delighted to share with you our manifesto for breast cancer prevention.

We’re calling on party leaders to implement measures prioritising prevention across the UK. We want to work in partnership to tackle the lifestyle and environmental causes of breast cancer head-on.

Read on to see how you can help.

We call on the UK Government to:

Reform healthcare, placing prevention at the core of public health and integrating prevention into public education.

Implement a Chemicals Strategy that prioritises public protection against harmful exposure and aligns UK REACH legislation with EU REACH.

Implement a new National Alcohol Strategy to reduce alcohol consumption amongst the public.

Review healthy eating policies to address rising food inequalities through collaboration with businesses and nutritional organisations.

Expand the “Get Active” strategy to address the causes of inactivity and promote active local communities.

Return to implementing a standalone Cancer Strategy that tackles all aspects of the disease head-on.

How you can help

Help kick start a prevention revolution!

Join the movement! Download our manifesto for breast cancer prevention and share it with your networks.

Your voice matters!

Share our six core recommendations for breast cancer prevention and amplify our message of hope and prevention.

Speak to campaigners who knock on your door

Tell them about our manifesto and our six core recommendations for breast cancer prevention.  Download our script to get you going.

Empower others with knowledge!

Share the link to this page and our manifesto for breast cancer prevention and help us fight this disease together. Download the graphics below.