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Please help us demand action to prevent breast cancer.

A third of breast cancer cases could be prevented if the government and public health bodies built prevention strategies into public health and cancer plans.

With your support for our campaigns to change policies, laws, and regulations, we can call on government and public health communities to put prevention first, securing positive change. Get involved with our latest campaigns below.

Act now – To put prevention first

Prioritise the primary prevention of breast cancer. The long-promised Chemicals Strategy is due to be published this year. We need to make sure that not only is the Strategy published but also that it is comprehensive enough to provide adequate protection to all of us.

Donate and help our scientists conduct animal free research into prevention

As desperate as we are to understand the causes of breast cancer, we firmly believe that this can be done without harm to animals. Please make a donation today to help our scientists undertake world-class research. Thank you.