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What are we calling for?

The long-promised Chemicals Strategy is due to be published this year. The Strategy will set out the UK’s approach to chemical regulation for the long term. It will play a key role in shaping UK REACH, the post-Brexit replacement for EU REACH, which previously regulated chemicals across European Union member states.

We need to make sure that not only is the Strategy published but also that it is comprehensive enough to provide adequate protection to all of us. This means that it must take into account both the risks we know about now and future developments. We can’t be left behind.

Crucially, the Chemicals Strategy cannot stand alone – it has to work alongside the work of other government departments. Most relevant for us, it has to be in lockstep with health plans, such as the Women’s Health Strategy and the recently announced Major Conditions Strategy.

Why should you support this campaign?

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK – incidence rates have doubled in the past 50 years. 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime, yet at least 1 in 3 breast cancer cases could be prevented. Despite huge progress in diagnosis and treatment, too little is being done to prevent breast cancer before it starts.

The Government accepts that there are dangerous chemicals that need to be regulated. We know that evidence exists to link exposure to certain chemicals to a greater risk of breast cancer. Without proper regulation, backed up by a clear and comprehensive strategy, we will be left with an unacceptable level of risk for all of us. We deserve better than that.

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