In memory

Make a dedication

Celebrate your loved one by making a special dedication in their name

Leaving a heartfelt message on our special dedication page, in the name of your loved one, is a wonderful, lasting way to help keep their memory alive. It can become a place of comfort that you can visit whenever you would like to remember your loved one.

As well as remembering your loved one through your personal message you will also be supporting our work to prevent breast cancer so that fewer people in the future have to experience the tragic consequences of this disease.

Visit our special dedication page to leave your personal message.

If you need any support with leaving your dedication or you would like to discuss other ways to raise money in memory of your loved one please email: [email protected] or call us on 0845 680 1322.

Make a dedication

Chip in to help prevent breast cancer in future generations

Now more than ever, we need your help. Together we can help lower people’s risk of developing breast cancer. If you’ve found the information on our website helpful, then please consider making a donation today. Thank you.