25 Saves Lives

25 Fitness Festival

Let’s get physical!

Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month with a day of mood boosting endorphins!  It’s time to get your fitness flow going and maybe try something new.

Join us on Sunday 25 October 2020 from 10 am.  You can sign up here for access to all our free online workouts.

All sessions will be 25 mins long and live streamed.

Check out our exciting line-up

Session 1 - Family Dance Routine

Learn a mini-dance routine in this fun dance session for all the family! All you need is a bit of space (nothing you can trip or fall over) and be ready to have some fun!

Trainer: Vicky Grant

Session 2 - Body Blast with creative abs

A fun HIIT style Full body workout working 20/20/20 seconds on with 20 secs rest! Work at your own pace! Adaptations will be given so anyone can do it!

Trainer: Jo Perkins

Session 3 - Energising Pilates Flow

Connect to your breath and your body for an uplifting movement experience.

Trainer – Rebecca Trowbridge


A fun, high energy, aerobics class using moves from classes back in the 90’s. Get ready to sweat!!! 😁

Trainer – Andrea Gaynor

Session 5 - Latin Hip Hop

Latin rhythms meets Hip Hop beats in this fun high energy, hip swinging class.

Trainer: Sam Vale

Session 6 - Primal Play Method

Not your everyday fitness class, learn to fall in love with movement and play again – The Primal Play Method fuses evolutionary biology with the science of physical activity and play psychology.

Trainer – Darryl Edwards

Live Q&A Panel discussion

Ask you questions of the panel as they talk about understanding the risk factors of breast cancer and what we can do to reduce our risk

Guests: Thalie Martini, CEO, Breast Cancer UK, Izzy Wells, breast cancer survivor, Darryl Edwards, Primal Play and BCUK Ambassador, Dr Elisabete Silva, Brunel University, breast cancer researcher and member of our Independent Scientific Review Panel.

Partnership with Boody

Sustainable bamboo clothing company, Boody are supporting our 25 Saves Lives campaign – donating 5% from sales of their Active Wear range during October.


Meet the trainers

Vicky Grant , founder of Vicky Grant School of Dance

Vicky’s love of dance began at age three when she started ballet, followed quickly by modern jazz and tap dancing. She grew to love all forms of dance and took classes in contemporary and street dance as her training continued. At age eight, she made it into the finals of ‘Young Stars of Tomorrow’ with Arlene Philips describing her as ‘A fabulous ball of energy’! At age 11 she started to assist with junior classes and her love for teaching was born!

She told her parents that one day she would own her own dance school; the dream came true! As well as dancing, Vicky has an avid passion for Musical Theatre, and played many lead roles in shows such as 42nd Street and Guys & Dolls, as well as many years in the magical world of pantomime.


Jo Perkins, founder BALM

Jo has been a fitness professional for over 15 years and is the founder of BALM- body and lifestyle management. As an ex professional dancer and choreographer studying at London Contemporary dance school, she brings real creativity to her personal training and fitness classes.  Encouraging anyone to take up exercise from bootcamp and Pilates to barre and HIIT style workouts.  She has a fun loving approach but challenges everyone to be consistent and do their very best where consistency is key to success.

During lockdown Jo created ‘Jo Perkins online studio classes’ Facebook group where she continues to serve nearly 500 members with free workouts including body blast, pure stretch, Pilates and mindfulness.  She loves to create a community feel with all her clients/ classes and courses. Her new online courses of ‘Leanlife’ with short weights workouts and nutrition guides have a stress management focus.

Rebecca Trowbridge, founder Catford Pilates

A life-changing recommendation from an Osteopath led me to Pilates.  Worn down from years of back pain, burnt-out from a stressful office job and dealing with the grief of infertility – I was at a low point in my life.

It took time, but eventually my confidence in my body and myself began to return.  There was no doubt that I felt stronger physically, the surprise was I also felt stronger mentally and emotionally.

It was this experience that inspired a career change and I now teach online and in-person.  I help people rebuild trust in themselves and their bodies so they can stand tall, move with ease and feel strong.  www.catfordpilates.co.uk

Andrea Gaynor, founder AG Fitness and Health

Andrea Gaynor has been in the Fitness industry for 21 years and worked extensively here and around the world.

She set up AG FITNESS and HEALTH is based in St Ives, Cambridge nearly 4 years following her desire to make fitness accessible for everyone in her local community.

Recently Andrea has moved her business online. You can find me on Facebook “Andrea Gaynor Fitness and Health” and on Instagram @andreagaynorfitness

Darryl Edwards, founder Primal Play

Darryl Edwards is a former investment banking technologist turned movement coach and author. He is the founder of the Primal Play Method and a physical activity, health and play researcher.

The Primal Play Method fuses evolutionary biology with the science of physical activity and play psychology. Darryl wants to inspire humans regardless of age, ability or disability to transform their health by making physical activity fun and engaging.

His work has featured on documentaries, TV, radio, podcasts and international press. He regularly presents as a keynote speaker at events worldwide. His April 2019 TED talk “Why working out isn’t working out“—has now been viewed almost 700,000 times.

Darryl is author of the best-selling book “Animal Movesand has released a range of fun fitness cards for adults, juniors, infants, office workers and fitness professionals called the Animal Moves Decks.


Sam Vale

Samantha has over 20 years of professional experience within the entertainment industry as a performer and creative.

Her choreographic expertise spans across television, theatre and film working with actors, singers, comedians and dancers as well as ‘non movers’, bringing a wealth of skills to each project and drawing from a multitude of dance genres and styles.

Samantha is considered to be one of the UK’s street dance teaching specialists being awarded with the acclaimed Carl Alan Award in this genre and continues to travel and train teachers worldwide; from South Africa and Malta to Vietnam and China.

Her background is a classical one, with formal training in ballet before expanding to jazz and modern theatre. She now utilises a variety of styles in her work and is excited to share some Latin Hip Hop fusion with us at Breast Cancer UK.

She is a mum to Jack and Molly and most days can see them grooving in the studio with disco lights!



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