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Trusts and Foundations

Supporting us to prevent breast cancer

Trust and Foundations play an important role in helping us raise awareness of breast cancer prevention and supporting people to take action to reduce their risk.

With your support, we can achieve greater impact by supporting our scientific research and by helping us implement innovative ways to reach wider audiences.

Like many other Trusts and Foundations who have supported us and shared our ambitions, you can be part of our breast cancer prevention community by helping us deliver education and research projects to prevent breast cancer in the future.

Our partnerships

Restricted grants

We partner with Trusts and Foundations for a range of specific projects funded by restricted grants. These include:

Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Awards

movement for good logoEcclesiastical Movement for Good Awards provides funding to projects to help change lives for the better.

We were gratefully awarded a three-year £50,000 grant in 2020 to deliver the first digital breast cancer prevention resource, our new and innovative Prevention Hub.

More information on their awards programme


Tibra Capital Foundation

Tibra foundation logoThe Tibra Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Tibra Group. It aims to support worthy causes and inspire action among those who witness its efforts. It aims to encourage people to give time, money and thought to causes that are meaningful in their lives.

We were gratefully awarded a total of £64,140 over three years to develop our innovative, tailored prevention hub, and targeted resources for men and young people.

More information on their awards programme

The Savitri trust

Savitri Trust logoSavitri Trust is a family trust founded in 2001 that aims to help improve people’s and our planet’s health. In 2023 we were gratefully awarded a grant of £25,000 in support of our partnership work with the NGO Hazardous Chemicals Group.

The funds will be used to enable the development of awareness-raising messaging on the health and environmental risks of chemical pollution.

More information on their awards programme

Unrestricted Grants

Unrestricted grants are allocated across our breast cancer prevention work. These grants enable us to continue to develop our education programme as well as our research grant and scientific programmes deepening our and, in turn, the public’s knowledge and understanding of breast cancer risk factors.

We have gratefully received unrestricted grants from the following organisations over the last year:

The Higgs Charitable Trust – £4,000
Masonic Charitable funds – £1,740
The Peter Foden Family Trust – £2000
UK online Giving Foundation – £1,031
Lloyds Foundation – £520
Charities Trust – £503
JFH Wiseman Will Trust – £500

Get in Touch

Please contact Thalie Martini at [email protected] or 07736 904 630 if you would like to discuss this opportunity.

Donate and help our scientists conduct animal free research into prevention

As desperate as we are to understand the causes of breast cancer, we firmly believe that this can be done without harm to animals. Please make a donation today to help our scientists undertake world-class research. Thank you.