Fundraising at work is fun and great for team building

Whether it’s nominating Breast Cancer UK as your chosen ‘Charity of the Year’ or simply organising a series of events, you’ll be promoting support for Breast Cancer UK, will encourage staff and colleagues to work together, raising awareness of the company’s corporate social responsibilities and that of breast cancer prevention.  It can also generate goodwill and positive publicity amongst customers, suppliers, and the local community.

We can work with you to develop a calendar of fundraising events and help you to communicate the partnership aims to your staff.

For more information and ideas about employee fundraising, please email us at [email protected] or call 0845 680 1322.

What can your company do?

Wear Something Orange  

It’s simple, pick a day and invite everyone to Wear Something Orange for the day
Go orange!

Pennies for Prevention

Ask your workplace to donate their spare pennies for prevention
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30 day challenge

Can YOU get active this for Breast Cancer UK? Sign up for our 30-Day Challenge!
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Run for BCUK

Whether it's a 5K, half marathon or marathon, we have a race to suit your team.
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Create your own fundraiser

Look for inspiration? Register for your fundraising pack today.

Chip in to help prevent breast cancer in future generations

Now more than ever, we need your help. Together we can help lower people’s risk of developing breast cancer. If you’ve found the information on our website helpful, then please consider making a donation today. Thank you.