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Join B Well, our monthly giving community. You’ll be part of a collective of like-minded people on a mission to prevent breast cancer.

Let’s prevent breast cancer together. The B Well Club, our community of monthly supporters, is committed to unlocking the power of prevention to stop breast cancer. Please consider supporting our vital work with a regular gift. 

  • Around 56,000 people get breast cancer every year in the UK. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • At least 30% of breast cancer cases could be prevented.
  • That’s 17,000 people avoiding the words ‘you have breast cancer’.

Our people

Jane's story

A breast cancer diagnosis impacts your life beyond the physical changes in your body, Jane share's her story.
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Our researchers

We fund animal free research looking into the causes of breast cancer. We focus on endocrine disrupting chemicals and their links to breast cancer.
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Our approach

Empowering people

Breast Cancer UK uses the latest academic research on breast cancer prevention to provide guidance on how to reduce your risk.

Animal Free research

As desperate as we are to understand the causes of breast cancer, we firmly believe that this can be done without harm to animals.

What does being a monthly donor mean to you?

“Being able to do my little bit every month to help make sure fewer people suffer from breast cancer means an awful lot to me.”

“Breast cancer prevention is really important to me because, after the loss of my wife to breast cancer, my family and I know the pain this horrible disease can bring. I decided I would make a monthly donation to Breast Cancer UK, whose research in this field I feel is so important.”

Don Bird

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