2 December, 2022

Give the gift of prevention this Christmas, with presents that are EDC (Endocrine Disrupting Chemical) free, which help loved ones reduce their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals linked to breast cancer. 

EDCs are chemicals that can interfere with your hormones. We are exposed to them in a number of ways including through our skin and through the air we breathe as they are used in everyday products such as cosmetics, cleaning products, toys, packaging, and fabrics. And through the food we eat as they enter the food chain via pesticide use or can leach into our food through food packaging. Many can last for a very long time in the environment and some accumulate inside our bodies. 

So, whether you want to plant that seed of thought that prevention is important, or help friends and family maintain their healthy lifestyle, Breast Cancer UK can help you find the perfect present this Christmas. 

To read more about EDCs please check out our guides. 

Give your loved ones safer beauty products 

You can help them avoid potentially harmful chemicals found in many cosmetics and toiletries by checking the product label to make sure it doesn’t include any of the potentially harmful chemicals which have been linked to breast cancer. Read our A-Z list of cosmetics ingredients to identify EDCs which may impact breast cancer. 

Or you can even make your own and gift our DIY organic sugar & sea salt body scrub. The body scrub is simple to make, lovely to use and best of all – it contains only natural ingredients and no EDCs or other potentially harmful chemicals. You need:  

  • 75g organic sugar 
  • 115g sea salt 
  • 30ml organic coconut oil 
  • 5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil 

You simply combine the sugar, salt and coconut oil in a bowl and add your essential oil and blend together. Then store in an airtight glass container (such as a jar) and use within one month of making. You can even pop some ribbon and a tag around the jar to make it feel even more special.  

Give your loved one the gift of gardening 

You can help your loved ones fill their home with air-purifying house plants such as Boston fern, Spider plant, Snake plant or Barberton Daisy. Or if it is scents they’re after, some lovely scented flowers or some natural fruit potpourri will be a great gift idea. This will help them to avoid using potentially harmful perfumed air fresheners.  

Additionally, you can gift them some seeds or plant accessories to help them start their gardening journey. When you grow your own food it’s easy to ensure no pesticides such as fungicides, or herbicides are used. Many of these chemicals are potential EDCs that may increase breast cancer risk. 

Give your loved one the gift of healthy food 

Giving someone you love a regular organic fruit and veg box subscription is a great way of showing you care. There are lots of national and local organic box schemes which can deliver direct to your door. Eating organic will reduce their exposure to pesticides, some of which may increase breast cancer risk. The second benefit is they’ll be eating more fruit and veg which can help reduce breast cancer risk also. 

It’s true that buying only organic produce and products can be expensive, which is why buying a gift will help them start their organic food journey.  Gifting an organic food hamper containing a range of products from organic tea and coffee to oils, dried food, and biscuits is a great way to incorporate more organic food into your loved one’s lifestyle. Choosing a more organic lifestyle may help reduce breast cancer risk and other diseases associated with chronic pesticide exposure.  

Give a gift to inspire physical activity 

From smartwatches that can track their activity and motivate them to stay active to workout gear made from natural fibres to make them feel good when exercising. The benefit of regular physical activity is that it can significantly reduce their risk of developing breast cancer. Plus, wearing natural fibre clothing will reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals found in some synthetic workout gear.  

Natural fibre clothing is often grown and produced using fewer potentially harmful chemicals. Buying your loved one organic cotton, bamboo or hemp clothing (or a voucher if you don’t know their size!) this year will be helping to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals. And you’re helping the planet too! 

Our corporate partners below have some great options, and they donate a percentage of their sales to us here at Breast Cancer UK. 


Eco-clothing brand Boody offers a range of superbly soft bamboo wear, and for every bra sold, Boody donates 1% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer UK 


Lavender Hill Clothing 

Luxury, sustainable women’s clothing brand Lavender Hill Clothing is donating 15% of proceeds from every sale of its beautiful heart socks to Breast Cancer UK 


Never Fully Dressed 

Ethical fashion brand Never Fully Dressed generously donates £5 from every sale of its eye-catching 100% organic pink boob tee to Breast Cancer UK 


Go plastic-free this Christmas  

It’s not just the actual gifts you need to think about when thinking about EDCs; it’s how you present the gift, also. Gifts are often wrapped in plastic. 

Most plastics contain harmful chemicals, including EDCs and persistent organic pollutants. When plastics are released into the environment, they eventually break down into smaller and smaller pieces known as microplastics, which release harmful chemicals. Microplastics pose a serious threat to the aquatic environment and may also harm your health. 

Present wrapping and gift bags

Ensure the wrapping paper you choose is strictly paper. Some wrapping paper can come with plastic film, wax or glitter. Using kraft paper rolls or newspaper can be quite stylish paired with ribbon and decorative Christmas ornaments.  

Christmas décor

Why not create your own paper chains or hanging pompoms using eco-friendly materials instead of non-reusable and plastic-heavy tinsel? This will ensure your Christmas decorations are plastic-free! 

Opt for a real tree if possible!

Getting a real tree would ensure you avoid artificial plastic trees. Nothing can beat the smell of a real tree! Don’t be fooled into buying ‘Christmas tree scents’ to enhance your artificial tree. These will be full of harmful chemicals, including artificial fragrances. You’re better off buying the real thing! We suggest getting yourself an organic tree if possible or looking into renting a tree scheme in your area. 

For more plastic-free alternatives this Christmas read our blog. 

We hope this blog has given you some ideas to help you and your loved ones have the perfect EDC-free festive season, this Christmas. 

Please help fill our Christmas stocking by making a gift of your choice today.  Together we can help our loved ones reduce breast cancer risk. 

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