Information Standard

Information Standard

Breast Cancer UK works hard to ensure that all the public-facing information we produce is of high quality is evidence-based, accurate, balanced, trustworthy, and relevant, and addresses users’ needs.

Breast Cancer UK became a certified member of the NHS Information Standard in November 2017. This recognised that the health and social care information we produced was supported by the best evidence and produced according to strict quality-control guidelines. Although the Information Standard (IS) is no longer in operation, we are proud to be one of the last organisations accredited and continue to follow IS guidelines. Documents produced according to IS criteria may continue to display the IS logo for up to two years after publication.

Breast Cancer UK will only produce publications and information that are relevant and in line with our charitable objectives.

Our publications aim to: educate consumers, members of the public, and policymakers about the causes of breast cancer and particularly focus on the preventable causes of breast cancer.

Our publications are put together using good quality, reliable evidence sources, they are peer-reviewed and user-tested.  They allow for bias and uncertainty and will always point the reader to references or where they can obtain further information.


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