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Bare Reality Becomes A Reality

Published 6 Jul 2015

In her own words, Laura Dodsworth, explains why she decided to support Breast Cancer UK through her new book Bare Reality.

I always hoped that one aspect of Bare Reality would be creating a conversation about breast cancer. But I couldn’t have anticipated just how profoundly important it would be to me after meeting and interviewing the women who took part.

Ten women who have or have had breast cancer took part in Bare Reality. Their stories were especially moving, as you can imagine, and I valued their participation so much. Baring their breasts meant sharing their scars, literally and figuratively. Sometimes they cried, sometimes I cried. Although there was sadness there was also healing.

The interviews with breast cancer survivors were notable for their bravery and inspiring positivity. I hope they will also ignite an interest in breast cancer and the risk factors associated with the disease. Even among those ten women, how they felt about the impact on their breasts and lives varied. They coped in different ways. They underwent different surgeries and reconstructions. They were unique. We are all unique. I hope that Bare Reality will help us all to celebrate the real woman, the ordinary woman, in all of us, whether our breasts are healthy or not.

So, why did I choose to support Breast Cancer UK out of all the possible charities? About 3.4% of cancer research goes towards prevention; that seems unbelievably tiny to me. Surely we don’t just want to diagnose and treat cancer, but to avoid it in the first place? One in eight women in the UK will get breast cancer. That’s a huge number, and I think we need to focus our attention on bringing that number down. There has been much good work in recent years to create awareness of breast cancer, encourage early diagnosis and research new and more effective treatments. It seems to me that the big conversation we need to have next is about prevention. Breast Cancer UK is the only UK charity focused on primary prevention, which made my choice easy. £1.00 is donated from each book sold, so everyone who supported Bare Reality on Kickstarter and everyone who continues to buy the book, supports Breast Cancer UK.

The Kickstarter campaign exceeded my wildest dreams in so many ways – first of all, the campaign target was reached in one day! I am delighted that my first payment to Breast Cancer UK, solely from the books ordered via Kickstarter, is £946. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supported Bare Reality on Kickstarter. Not only did you make this book a reality, but you have also supported a small, energetic and important charity.

With love and gratitude to you all,
Laura x

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