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BLOG: 6 Ways to get to 50K

Published 4 May 2018

Here at Breast Cancer UK we feel so passionately about getting you signed up to our 50K My Way event we wanted to show you how it’s possible, even for a complete beginner, to get to 50K in 30 days.

So let’s get started on planning your fitness schedule to help you reach 50K.

1. If you walk 1 mile every day in June this will get you to 50K in 30 days.

2. If you are a beginner, 30 mins easy paced walking or 20 mins jog/run equals 2.5 K, at this pace you will need to do 20 walks or runs to reach your target.

3. Ditch the commute home – clear your mind of all thoughts of work, get off the bus or train 2.5K from your home, then walk or run the rest of the way – 5 times a week for four weeks equals 50K.

4. Walk your kids to school – a 15 min walk to school twice a day, five times a week for four weeks will mean you’ll smash 50K.

5. Looking to increase your fitness? Sign up to 4 x 5 K park runs on each weekend in June, schedule 3 x 3.5 K training sessions during the week and you’ll hit 50K and hit a new personal best in the process!

6. Seriously fit – run 5 x 10K runs in June. Is that even possible? Prove it to us!

Come on join in our 50K My Way virtual event, sign up today, where will you walk or run this summer?

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