BLOG: Celebrate Volunteers Week and our Ambassadors | Breast Cancer UK

BLOG: Celebrate Volunteers Week and our Ambassadors

Published 6 Jun 2018

Breast Cancer UK launched its Ambassador Project in 2016 to raise the voice of breast cancer prevention and reducing risk in communities and volunteers have joined us from all over the country.  

They all want to be part of helping fewer people get breast cancer through education about the risks and simple steps they can take to prevent those risks which are preventable.

Thank you to our 43 volunteer Ambassadors

As it is Volunteers’ Week we would like to say a massive thank-you to our 43 Ambassadors, who are spreading the word in communities across the UK.  They are a really inspiring group of people, all committed to sharing important information about breast cancer risk and offering practical advice on how to lead a healthier life.

Here are some comments about why some of them got involved.

“I'm proud to be a BCUK ambassador; the research-based recommendations we make during our presentation focuses on helping people to help themselves while reducing risk and improving their own health and wellbeing”

Susan Jarman

“Several individuals close to me have suffered and are suffering from breast cancer, I feel a need to dispel some of the myths in relation to cancer and give guidance in an evidence-based manner on reducing one’s risk of this disease.”

Darryl Edwards

"I became a Breast Cancer UK ambassador as a way of helping the charity spread the message of prevention. The more we can do to raise awareness of how breast cancer can be caused, the more impact we will have on the lives of women and their families."

Lisa Browne

Want to join us – read more here

A volunteering opportunity which can change someone else’s life and yours too

We all want to prevent breast cancer, to prevent the agony that is felt when one of our close friends or family is diagnosed, and whilst we are glad to see more women surviving breast cancer, we would all rather none of them had to go through it in the first place.

Breast Cancer UK Ambassadors are offered the chance to help make this a reality.  The charity provides full training on the known and suspected risk factors for breast cancer.  Ambassadors will be fully equipped with guidance, leaflets and publications to help them deliver their message.  

As well as sharing information, our Ambassadors can become part of a growing community of people who are not prepared to accept that breast cancer is inevitable and who want to take action to reduce our risk.    In doing so, we hope that breast cancer incidence rates will eventually start to fall.

Join us

If this type of volunteering opportunity is appealing – why not contact us.  Sign up for our next Training Day or register your interest for a future one.  Don’t delay our next Training Day is on 3 November!  Find out more here.

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