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BLOG: Collaboration with MIdwife and LIfe blog

Published 20 Oct 2015

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have joined forces with parent lifestyle blogger, Jenny Lord from the Midwife and Life blog. 

Jenny is a midwife with over 12 years’ experience.  Her blog gives advice and tips on pregnancy and parenting.  We caught up with Jenny to ask her a few questions about her life and why she began blogging.

You’ve been a midwife for fair old time now, what first drew you into the profession?

I was always drawn to all things medical and unlike most people loved the smell of hospitals!  I was intrigued by all the mysterious packages of bandages and medicines.  I underwent my nurse training first at St Bartholomews in London and then worked on a gynaecology ward.  I knew I wanted to specialise further and then did my Midwifery degree at Canterbury.  I've never looked back since; pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding continue to amaze and inspire me.

As well as working, you’re a busy mum with three young children, at such a busy time in your life, what inspired you to establish your blog?

I started blogging innocently enough and then got bitten by the bug!  I love the writing, the community and the way it gives me an international voice.  I'm quite a quiet person in reality so writing gives me the voice I don't always have.

You write some great tips about parenting on your blog, but what’s been you’re toughest challenge?

I lost my first child due to a genetic condition, looking after a disabled child and losing her makes all the little things pale into insignificance.

Flipside to that question here, and a bit nicer,  what’s been your most satisfying?

Seeing them laugh and be happy,  when they tell me they love me and never want to leave home (we'll see!), watching them grow and learn.

Pic: Jenny LordYou can access Jenny's post here: How you can help prevent breast cancer during pregnancy and beyond

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