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BLOG: My body isn’t a Model T, it’s a Ferrari!

Published 14 Sep 2016

When I was young I believed in conspiracy theories, as I got older I believed in “cock up theory”, the idea that no malign force was at work, merely horrible incompetence. However, since I turned 60, two years ago, I have noticed a radical twitch constantly affecting me. Is this grumpy old man syndrome or what? No…there is a conspiracy.

I have Type 2 diabetes, eventually it became medicated by metformin and then it needed something even stronger. I was told I should take Statins and that my cholesterol was risky and so on.   So I went to see a very expensive Doctor, who told me not to worry because he could medicate away my high blood glucose levels.

And then it happened, after years of male indifference to my well-being (which I regarded in the same way as Pensions), I became angry. I read book after book, followed by medical research, nutrition documentation and discovered that there really is a conspiracy.

The conspiracy of the medical profession sleeping with the pharmaceutical companies producing a smugly ignorant world view in which nutrition is seen as beneficial but not utterly significant.

So I went about changing my diet and sampled my blood four times a day. I lost weight, my cholesterol levels subsided to mediocre averageness.  I confronted my doctor who admitted he hadn’t believed you could have such effects on your body with micro nutrients and phytochemicals.

I now have the diet of a herd of slugs, with minimal white stuff, but I feel great and my doctor is now recommending my diet to all his diabetes patients and those with high cholesterol.

BUT, the outrageous thing is that almost every type 2 diabetic in the country and people with blood pressure and high cholesterol could beat this with diet so why are the medical profession so flawed and slow (in general)?

Remember how appallingly slow they were to get behind action on smoking. Just try and visit your local hospital and let your jaw drop as you look at what is for sale in their cafes, vending machines and what is delivered to the patients!

Extraordinary! If you are looking for money for the NHS stop bleating on to government about increasing its contribution. Start by laying into the medics and telling them that their profound laziness is costing the NHS 10s of billions of pounds prescribing unneeded statins, metformin and a bevy of other drugs their benefactors suggest might be needed to treat our symptoms. That is all that these drugs do, treat symptoms…none of them address the causes.

At Eden we are exploring how to tell the nutrition story in a world of misinformation. Imagine, if you will, that your body is so finely tuned it makes a Ferrari look like a Model T Ford. You wouldn’t put sump oil into a high performance engine, so why do we put rubbish into our bodies and so have them perform like carthorses? The major question in all this goes like this “How do you feel”…”I feel well”…”How do you know?”… “I don’t know”! Because you have no idea how well “well” is if you have never fine-tuned your body.

It is my belief that we are on the verge of a revolution where what we eat is understood as the vital ingredient in who and what we are. If you look at our microbial biome on our bodies and realise that these microbes also populate the soil and create and manage the other life forms around us, you will realise that we are at a spiritual point where science and what had been called “alternative thinking” are coming together.

I don’t believe there has ever been a more exciting time to be alive. I also believe we need to undermine the power of Big Pharma, who seek to medicate us and instead put powerful science, financed by the state to work, to help us create a narrative in which people can make a huge contribution to making themselves well and then we can turn the tables on the world and conspire against conspiracy.

Sir Tim Smit KBE

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