BLOG: Q&A with Sue Conway | Breast Cancer UK

BLOG: Q&A with Sue Conway

Published 17 Aug 2015

Breast Cancer UK relies on the kind donations of its supporters.  Often a story lies behind why they became involved with the charity.  One such story is Sue Conway’s.  In 2014 Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45, three months later her mum was diagnosed with it following a routine mammogram. To help her focus on recovery and to replace negative memories with positive ones, Sue embarked on a fundraising campaign for Breast Cancer UK. Here is her story.

Why did you choose to support Breast Cancer UK? 

Once I was coming towards the end of my treatment, I realised how hard it had hit me emotionally as well as physically. I wanted to put my focus onto something positive to move all the treatment and scary stuff out of my mind. I went onto the internet and looked at various charities. I looked at some that put efforts into treatment and there were a lot of them. With further thought however,  I felt that prevention needed more support. In life, we are focussed on running things so we don’t have problems and issues, so why is there not more support for preventing the disease?  For me, I felt it also helped me to focus on how I could prevent it  coming back with information I found through Breast Cancer UK.                

You raised over £6,000 on your fancy dress golf day, how did it come about and who got involved?

I wanted to get all my staff and customers involved as they had been such a great support to me I knew they would want to help. The idea evolved from an office conversation abouta Golf Club Coversure insured which was  quiet so we thought we’d get a few of the guys down there for a game. I just thought, why not do some sort of event for charity there? Asking the guys to dress as ladies was to show it was for breast cancer but also to make the day light hearted and fun.  My customers and staff gave fantastic support on a financial basis and also by taking the time to attend on the day and play golf and supply raffle prizes. It was all very humbling.

Ignoring the golfing side of the day, who looked the best on the day? 

Graeme Heward from Rapid Response transport came all the way from Middlesbrough dressed superbly, wig, make up and a dress most women were eyeing up! I have to say the wig looked amazing as well. He was amazing not only on the day but all the way through my treatment. His company even sponsored the burger van for free food for all players/guests.

Coversure seem to offer a unique service by providing travel insurance for people who have suffered from medical conditions either past or present, what made you decide to offer this service?

This came about as I knew only too well how much a holiday is needed after all the hard days of treatment. You need a discreet and understanding contact and you don’t want loads of negatives like, ‘we can’t cover this and we can’t cover that’. I knew with the staff we have here, we could offer a better service whilst at the same time continue to support  Breast Cancer UK by donating a percentage of the company commission. It was a win win!

You and your team seem to have a lot of fun fundraising, what’s your next fundraising adventure going to entail?

We are currently putting our heads together to come up with something fitting. Watch this space!

What would be your message to other women and their families who are trying to come to terms with diagnosis?

To all outside,  I was strong and appeared to cope amazingly well.  ! However, inside that wasn’t always the case. It’s important to admit to yourself and others when it’s too much. Share your positive days but also don’t be afraid to share the bad days! When I became ill I looked around and was over whelmed with how many people were there for me and how much they truly cared. Don’t try and do it alone.  x


If you have travel insurance needs and would like to speak to Sue or a member of her team, please call 0800 3081 234 or 0115 930 3030, alternatively you can visit their website for more information.

If you’d like to hold a ‘fun day’, or host an event to raise funds in aid of Breast Cancer UK, contact us on 

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