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BLOG: Q&A with The Green Woman

Published 9 Jan 2016

This month we’re all about detoxing, but before you groan, hear us out. It seems every celebrity and life style guru is pushing detox messages at us – eat clean, eat green, don’t eat anything! 

But at Breast Cancer UK, we feel there is more to detoxing than simply eating more healthily. It’s important to look at the toxins around your home and the ones you maybe applying to your skin.  We have created a guide, Detox Your Life, one step at a time, to help you make the changes you need to remove unnecessary harmful chemicals out of your life.

To coincide with this we have partnered with The Green Woman, creators of Fit Pit Woman deodorant, which is made from 100% organic chemical free ingredients.  In January, 10% from every sale online will be donated to Breast Cancer UK.

This week, we caught up with Suzanne Loudwill, one of the co-founders of The Green Woman, to find out her inspiration behind their company and for detoxing her life.

Q. The Green Woman has been running for two years now, what made you decide to form your company?

My sister Eve, left a chemistry career to focus on tackling the causes of environmental pollution and became an advocate for environmental action projects in the UK and Canada.

Having learned first hand about the impact of harmful chemicals on the environment she stopped using mainstream cosmetic products and began making her own natural alternatives for the basics she needed. 

As a mum I had been learning about the risks associated with chemical loading so began using Eve’s products as well. I loved them and soon realised others would too. So leaving my own career in Graphic Design, we formed The Green Woman to make 100% organic, vegan, earth kind skincare for anyone.

Q. This January you will be supporting our work by donating 10% for every sale on your website of your brilliantly named Fit Pit Woman deodorant, what makes this product so special?

Fit Pit woman is a completely natural deodorant applied as a cream. It’s also 100% organic, vegan and free from any harmful chemicals or plastic. It contains skin-loving natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter and is naturally fragranced with essential oils.

Fit Pit works by subtly changing your skins pH, which stops smell-causing bacteria from thriving. Meaning you can sweat, which is better for you, but there is just no smell.

Q. As well as making your own green beauty products, you also support other green projects; can you tell our readers a bit more about this?

Eve is also founder of The Buzz Tour during which she spent four and a half months walking 1300 miles across England dressed as a bee! The Buzz Tour interviewed over 100 people and projects fighting for a greener future. We also support Reclaim the Power anti-fracking initiatives, and Eve recently spent a month in Paris during COP21 to supporting the climate change campaign there.

Q. January is traditionally a month when people cut back and detox their life, your lifestyle is very much focused around sustainability and chemical free, but has it always been that way, what changes have you made to your lifestyle?

I’ve been cutting back on synthetic products and buying organic since I became a mum 6 years ago. I still wear makeup but wear much less and opt for mineral based brands. I ditched shower gel and my cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and use organic soap and a Coconut oil based moisturiser instead. I’ve really seen an improvement in my skin, its far less dry than it was before. I still struggle to find effective natural hair products though - hair colour is especially hard.

Eve had been cutting back for some years and went completely chemical free about four years ago, and now uses only her homemade products, including homemade toothpaste. She knew that hair could clean itself without any shampoo at all, so decided to give it a try. The five weeks it took for her hair to acclimatise to just being washed with water and a few drops of essential oil was not easy. But now it cleans itself, and looks beautiful. It just goes to show what you can go without, if you try. She’s such an inspiration!

Q. If you could pass on one piece of advice to other woman out there who use a myriad of cosmetics and beauty products daily, what would that be?

Know the risks and what to avoid, Breast Cancer UK have a handy guide ;-) and then take a really good look at the ingredients on the back of the products you are using. If you aren’t left with the feeling that ‘this is going to do me good’, considering finding a natural alternative that does.

Founders of The Green Woman, Eve Carnall and Suzanne Loudwill. 



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