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BLOG: RBS women host a Let’s Prevent Breast Cancer Talk

Published 21 Jul 2017

On Thursday 13th July we welcomed Sue Jarman, a retired mid-wife and a Breast Cancer UK Ambassador to come to our offices in Bishopgate, London to speak at the first combined RBS Women and RBS PA Network event on the subject of Breast Cancer Prevention.

The presentation covered the risk factors which are not commonly known and what little steps we can take in our everyday life to help reduce our risk. This is by recognising what precautionary action we can take by avoid the harmful chemicals found in everyday products, such as, cosmetics, body creams, plastic products, tinned food or cleaning products which we use in our lives every day, and even within the materials that we wear.  

We were challenged to make one change in our life to help reduce our risk.

It was a topic that was very thought provoking for all (me included).  The event was very well attended and many wore the colour orange to mark Breast Cancer Prevention Week which is happening from 18 - 24th September 2017.  This was fabulous and made the event even more meaningful.  

Eva Sell, RBS


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