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BLOG: The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep

Published 18 Sep 2016

It’s no surprise that there is now ongoing research into the link between sleep and cancer. Two of the biggest factors being researched in the quest for cancer prevention are Sleep and Stress Management. Lack of sleep affects weight, mood, memory and these all take a toll on both physical health and mental health.

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post has changed the way people view sleep. She rightfully claims ‘It shouldn’t’t be a nice to, it is a need too’ and something we all need to work on getting more of.

How much sleep we need is always a question I am asked but as a guide we should be aiming for 8 hours if between the ages of 19 and 55. Ages 65 and over tend to need less sleep, so 6 hours is sufficient as ultimately it’s all about the quality.

So how do we improve our sleep in this fast paced world we live in when we’ve got kids that need attending to and jobs that take us into the wee hours?

We make the time is the answer!

And while we may know a lot of this stuff, do we actually do it?

Routine is the first thing, with doctors now saying sleep is as important as exercise it is vital we plan to get enough sleep. Same time every night and morning just as we do with children.

Get fresh air and some gentle exercise every day, a short walk is better than nothing.

No heavy meals before bedtime and limit caffeine and alcohol intake

Leave electrical devises out of the bedroom – this room should be sacred for sleep and intimacy only

Leave a bedroom window ajar as the temperature should be a couple of degrees lower at bedtime

Sleep in pure natural breathable clothing (if any at all). Cotton is ideal but always check the label as often what we think is 100% cotton is not as manufacturers add more and more synthetics to our clothes.

Bedding is massively important. We spend a good portion of our life in bed yet often don’t give this a thought when buying beds and bedding.

Pure wool bedding has been a hit in Australia and many countries on the continent for some time and is rapidly gaining ground in the UK.

Pure wool is a natural temperature regulator and is the reason you’ll often see a baby’s crib lined with fleece. They can’t tell you if they are too hot or too cold so the wool adjusts for them. Think of sportswear made from merino wool, this is purely to regulate the temperature.

So if you are too hot or too cold at night and are throwing the covers off or tugging on a duvet as your partner has hogged it to keep warm then you aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep.

Through my business, I have been able to help many women who are menopausal or those undertaking cancer treatments who endure the burden of night sweats and hot flashes. 

I recommend a natural mattress is ideal but these can be costly so as a starter why not try a pure wool topper, add a duvet and pillow with a spritz of lavender mist and you have the perfect sleeping solution. The wool fibers creates fairy-tale comfort by generating just the right level of warmth and has an amazing ability to wick away moisture preventing you from being too hot in bed. Wool duvets are made using natural fibres and are not chemically treated in any way so they are also good for allergy sufferers.  

Our happiness and health are closely linked to sleep and stress, my mission is to help everyone find their solution to a good nights sleep☺

Stephanie Reed

Good sleep campaigner and Founder of Urban Wool Bedding

You can find out more about Stephanie Reeds and Urban Wool by visiting her website or following her on social media, details below: 


Facebook: urbanwool 

Twitter: @UrbanWoolUK 

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