Body Beautiful Week 21-28 August 2015 | Breast Cancer UK

Body Beautiful Week 21-28 August 2015

Published 20 Aug 2015

Breast Cancer UK and ENJO-UK have once again joined forces for Body Beautiful Week (21-28 August) to help raise money to support Breast Cancer UK’s programme of work.  ENJO-UK are donating £2 from every sale of their unique body cleaning products, the, Body Glove, Face Duoglove and Eye Pads.  This is the third year we have worked together and the team at ENJO have set a healthy target of £2,000!

We recently spoke with Marianne Stewart, Business Development Manager here in the UK to find out more about the ENJO cleaning system and why they chose to support our work.

Why did you choose to support Breast Cancer UK?

Once again we are delighted to work with Breast Cancer UK to promote awareness of what we believe to be the dangers of exposure to everyday chemicals in cleaning products.  We will be promoting our face and body fibres (skin cleaning with just water) during our Body Beautiful week.  We share their passion and support BCUK each year in an attempt to make more people aware of the need to eliminate harmful chemicals from their lives and to promote a healthy more natural and sustainable e lifestyle.   We hope, through our week long campaign to raise even more money for Breast Cancer UK than we did in 2014 and hope your supporters will also help us to reach our target.

Many of our supporters will be new to ENJO cleaning systems, what is so unique about your products?

The wonderful thing about ENJO is you simply clean healthier, faster and more efficiently using our unique fibres and water.  There are ENJO fibres and cloths for every area in your home, office, and car and of course our wonderful face and body fibres.   Implementing ENJOtex fibres technology eliminates exposure to ourselves and families to a cocktail of potent and often dangerous cleaning chemicals.  There is growing evidence that chemicals from cleaning products are ingested, inhaled and can cause serious health problems for everyone.  Why take a risk, with ENJO you don’t have to!  ENJO fibre technology will give you up around 3 years of use before they are ready to be replaced. 

There are three products which will be available during Body Beautiful week where a £2 donation for every sale will be made to Breast Cancer UK – these are Face Duoglove, Body Glove and Eye pads, can you tell me a bit more about these products?

The Face Duoglove £17 designed for sensitive skin, it gently removes dead skin cells, make up and surface body oils. Blood circulation is stimulated resulting in a fresh glowing complexion. Cleaning the skin with the Face Duoglove is also a good pre-treatment for face masks and is particularly suitable for the oily skin.

The Eye pads £13 can be used to remove make up and mascara as well as dead skin cells around the sensitive eye area. The pads are made of super soft fibre which is perfect for the sensitive skin area around your eyes.

The Body Glove £25 cleans the skin pore deep and at the same time activates the blood circulation to the skin. Simply massage the skin from your feet upwards, from your hands towards the heart, using circular motions, helping to boost blood circulation and remove rough skin. The light fibre is suitable for sensitive, the dark fibre for normal skin.

The human skin is our largest organ and has to be protected and nourished accordingly. All these products only need to be used with water therefore reducing your risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

To order any of the three products included in the ENJO Breast Cancer UK campaign please email:


To find out more about the complete range of ENJO-UK products please visit their website.

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