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Breast cancer cases in UK under-50s top 10,000 a year

Published 3 May 2013

Cases of UK women under 50 diagnosed with breast cancer each year tops 10,000 for first time.

A report released by Cancer Research UK reveals that one in five cases of breast cancer in the UK is among the under-50s.   This is shocking news and points to a trend that more and more younger women are at risk of getting the disease.

Higher alcohol intake and childbirth patterns are cited as being key factors, but the research fails to acknowledge the possible role of chemical causes.

Lifestyle chocies and family history clear play a part in breast cancer risk but these establised causes are thought to account for only 40% of cases.  Breast Cancer UK strongly believe that far more research is needed into the environmental and chemical causes of breast cancer and tougher action is required to help reduce exposure to chemicals of concern.

Lynn Ladbrook  Chief Executive of Breast Cancer UK said, "more must be done to tackle all the possible causes of breast cancer if we are to reverse this alarming trend."

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