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Breast Cancer UK calls for ‘prevention first’ in new Manifesto

Published 23 Oct 2013

Breast Cancer UK calls for ‘Prevention First’

Breast Cancer UK's new Manifesto, entitled ‘Prevention is better than cure: 5 pledges for 2015 and beyond’, was launched  at a Parliamentary Reception in the House of Commons today. It challenges policy makers to move beyond breast cancer ‘awareness’ to political action on the chemical causes of the disease.

“Record numbers of women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. Raising awareness is important, but the Government’s failure to tackle the chemical causes of the disease remains a fundamental weakness in its cancer prevention policy.  Breast Cancer UK is challenging policy makers to adopt our 5 Manifesto pledges, to put prevention first and protect us all from chemicals of concern,” said Lynn Ladbrook, Chief Executive, Breast Cancer UK.

Breast Cancer UK’s 5 Manifesto pledges are:

  • Prioritise the primary prevention of breast cancer
  • Improve the regulation of chemicals
  • Protect the unborn child by offering advice to pregnant and breast feeding women
  • Ban the use of Bisphenol A in food and drinks packaging
  • Improve labelling laws and implement the ‘right to know’ what is in products

In just a generation, England has seen a 90% rise in breast cancer cases (3). Many of the man-made chemicals used in our everyday products, such as shampoos, household cleaners and canned foods, are known to disrupt our hormones, which is an important factor in breast cancer risk. Most have never been adequately tested for hormone disrupting properties or other adverse health effects. 

Professor of Toxicology at the Institute of Environment, University of Brunel, Andreas Kortenkamp, who is scheduled to speak at today’s Reception, said: “Reducing people’s routine exposure to these chemicals is one crucial step towards preventing breast cancer. Considering the high stakes for human health, the UK authorities have to be far more cautious.”

“Whilst we can choose products carefully to reduce our own individual exposure to chemicals that can affect our health, only political action that prioritises prevention, promotes safer chemicals and protects those most vulnerable to harm will spare many more of us the burden of this preventable disease,” said Ladbrook.

Breast Cancer UK’s Manifesto is supported by: Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Cancer Prevention and Education Society, CHEM Trust and Client Earth.


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