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‘Bare Reality’ - Breast Cancer UK to be beneficiary

Published 8 Sep 2014

After two years of meeting, photographing and interviewing women, Laura is now launching a five week Bare Reality 'Kickstarter' campaign, during which she will release one unique photograph and story a week in order to raise interest in the work and fund the production and printing of the complete book.

Laura has kindly agreed to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the book to Breast Cancer UK, which features the un-airbrushed photographs and the deeply personal stories of 100 anonymous women, aged from 19 to 101, from all walks of life – a female vicar, a stripper, a Buddhist nun, a stay-at-home mum and women who have had a mastectomy, due to breast cancer.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the dichotomy between women’s personal lives and how they are depicted by the media; between how we feel about breasts privately and how they are presented for public consumption. In creating Bare Reality I wanted to re-humanise women and explore what it means to be a woman, and make women subject, not object,” said Dodsworth, creator of ‘Bare Reality’. 

“Ten women who have or have had breast cancer took part in Bare Reality. Hearing their personal stories first hand was profoundly moving and inspiring. Only 3% of cancer research goes towards prevention, yet one in eight women in the UK will get breast cancer. That’s a huge number. Surely the most important conversation we need to have is prevention and how to bring that number down – that’s why I chose to support Breast Cancer UK through this work,” said Dodsworth.

“This touching, inspirational project provides a beautifully tender insight into the diversity of our emotions about our breasts throughout life’s stages and experiences, including motherhood, ageing, breast feeding and having breast cancer,” said Lynn Ladbrook, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer UK.

“We look forward to seeing the book published and hope it will become a powerful force for social change by encouraging more women to speak freely about their breasts and inspiring them to find out more about breast cancer and the wide range of risk factors associated with the disease,” added Ladbrook.

Breast Cancer UK would like to thank Laura Dodsworth for offering to donate £1.00 from the sale of each book, which will help the charity continue its work to prevent breast cancer by reducing our routine exposure to the harmful chemicals in our every day products, food and environment.

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