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Health Information Week

Published 4 Jul 2017

It’s Health Information Week, an awareness week to highlight health information resources available to the public.

So here are some of the information guides we produce to help you reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

Have you read our Reduce Your Risk section of our website?

Here you will find practical guides to help you reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals found in everyday products that have been linked to breast cancer. 

Protect Your Baby’s Health, reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals in the home

Do you know what’s in your cosmetics? Our #DitchTheJunk guide to safer cosmetics

What to do if you are worried about breast cancer - useful links and resources

Have you read our blog?  If not you’re missing out on some useful info. 

Physical activity and breast cancer

5 tips to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Have you seen our top tips video?

Top Tips to reduce your risk of breast cancer video


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