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BLOG: It’s time to talk prevention

Published 14 Oct 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness month is now in full swing and the bevy of pink items, challenges and promotions are everywhere.  It has been phenomenally successful in raising awareness of breast cancer. 

It is no longer a taboo subject, women are far more aware of the symptoms and how to check their breasts.  So awareness is definitely increased but surely now it's time to talk about prevention too.

Breast Cancer in the UK is on the increase.  One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. 1 in 5 cases will be diagnosed in women under the age of 50[1],[2].   

Whilst family history, age and being female play their part, lifestyle choices and the environment are clearly contributory factors.

This month Breast Cancer UK will be highlighting the growing scientific evidence around environmental links to breast cancer across our social media platforms in an effort to move the conversation about breast cancer forwards.  

Breast Cancer UK wants to prevent breast cancer – we believe breast cancer is a preventable, not an inevitable disease.

We need your help to spread the word.

We need you to tell your mothers, sisters and girlfriends:

  • Tell them to think about the products they use – it’s not about going without but about making smarter choices. The Reduce Your Risk section of our website can help.
  • Point them in the direction of the scientific evidence on our website so they can make informed choices.
  • Help us to raise money to fund more research into the harmful environmental chemical exposures that have been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.  Our fundraising section of our website is packed full of ideas.

Together we can make a difference and help prevent breast cancer.




[1] Cancer Research UK (2014a). Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Key Stats. Accessed February 19 2015. 

[2] Office of National Statistics, Cancer Registration, Statistics, England (2012)

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