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Latest statistics show another rise in breast cancer incidence rates

Published 16 Jul 2015

Breast Cancer UK question the ability of current cancer prevention strategies to reduce incidence rates when they singularly fail to tackle the environmental and chemical causes of the disease.  

Figures released last week by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the number of newly diagnosed breast cancer cases in England has increased by 6.7% since 2010. The age standardised incidence rate has increased by 2.9% since 2010.   This suggests that breast cancer cases have not only increased in real terms but also as a percentage of the population.

Lynn Ladbrook, CEO explains further, “More, not less women, are getting breast cancer year on year – and it is a trend that current prevention strategies appear to be unable to stop. It is time the Government, the NHS and Public Health England adopted a fresh approach to cancer prevention and looked beyond lifestyles, behaviour and genetics and towards the environmental and chemical pollutants that an increasing body of scientific evidence suggests could be increasing our susceptibility to the disease. 

We have called upon the Independent Cancer Task Force to commit to measures which prioritise the primary prevention of cancers and to acknowledge and research further the role of chemical and environmental risk factors. We look forward to seeing the forthcoming Five Year Strategy for Cancer Services and hope that the opportunity is grasped to tackle prevention head on.”

Breast Cancer UK work to raise awareness of the environmental and chemical causes of breast cancer and provide advice on how women can reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals which might increase their risk of developing the disease.  

For further information press contacts:

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Notes to Editors:

  1. Breast Cancer UK works to save lives and reduce breast cancer rates by tackling the environmental and chemical causes of the disease. Further information on our work can be found within our website. 
  2. Breast Cancer UK’s full submission to the Cancer Task Force can be found here: Breast Cancer UK Submission to Cancer Task Force PDF
  3. ONS latest statistics can be found here: Cancer Statistics Registrations, England (Series MB1), No. 44, 2013

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