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Lights Go On To Help Prevent Breast Cancer!

Published 13 Dec 2017

Christmas has officially arrived in Littlehampton thanks to the wonderful efforts of residents of Highdown Drive and this year they are donating money raised to Breast Cancer UK. We caught up with Roy Spencer, Head Elf to find out more.

When do you start planning and setting things up?

We start putting the lights up at the beginning of November, and apart from minor scaffolding work, we just put things up that we like, there is no set piece, so each house is different.

How many people are involved?

It started off with just the three of us (3 houses) way back in 2001, when we raised funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for what they had done for my very young granddaughter. From then on it has just snowballed. This year, for the first time, we now have seven houses involved, so it should look fantastic.

What is the hardest thing about putting on a display like this? 

The hardest thing about putting the lights up is our age, none of us are getting any younger, but it’s all worthwhile at the end of the day, to see how much enjoyment it brings.

Do you have a social media account people can follow?

We don’t have a social media, but various people have posted videos on Youtube under Christmas Lights Highdown Drive or one of the better videos was on Christmas Lights Littlehampton 2013, which will give people an idea of what to expect – but don’t forget we are much bigger this year with 7 houses involved, so come on down and see them for yourselves.

You can see the Christmas Lights in Highdown Drive, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17. The lights will be on daily from 5pm until 10pm, through to the end of the year.

All the money raised from donations will support our work towards the prevention of breast cancer.



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