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New research links BPA to cancer development

Published 3 Feb 2014

New evidence, published in Environmental Health Perspectives today, finds a significant association between BPA exposure and cancer development.

Scientists at the University of Michigan School of Public Health have found liver tumors in mice exposed to the chemical via their mothers during gestation and nursing. The results link early life exposure to BPA with the development of liver tumours in rodents, with potential implications for human health and disease.

Lynn Ladbrook, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer UK said: "Evidence warning us about the health risks of BPA exposure, especially in early life, is so compelling that immediate precautionary action must be taken to rid our daily products of this chemical.

We can take some comfort in that fact that the EU has already banned BPA in baby bottles, but its continued use in so many other products cannot be justified, especially in food packaging given that diet is our main route of exposure. Laws on BPA, along with the numerous other chemicals that disrupt our hormone system, must be tightened to protect public health and to reduce growing incidence rates of breast, and other, cancers."

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