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News: EU vote on glyphosate postponed

Published 19 May 2016

The European Commission has scrapped a vote on the renewal of the licence for the controversial pesticide glyphosate today. Member states were unable to reach a qualified majority, several key members states either voted against the draft proposals or abstained. Unless the Commission can secure a qualified majority from member states ahead of a 30th June deadline, products containing  glyphosate could be withdrawn from the EU market.

Breast Cancer UK had urged UK representatives at the meeting to vote against the proposals due to our concerns that glyphosate acts as an oestrogen mimic and could have the potential to adversely affect breast development.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer also concluded that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans.

We welcome this postponement and hope that the European Commission will recognise the health risks posed by glyphosate and stop attempting to push through a renewal of its licence against the wishes of European citizens.

You can find out more about glyphosate by reading our science briefing.

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