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News: Government Launches Consultation on Prevention Strategy

Published 24 Jul 2019

Responding to the Government's open consultation 'Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s', Tara Barker, Head of Communications at Breast Cancer UK said,  

"Breast Cancer UK welcomes the publication of the Government’s long-awaited Prevention Green Paper. The Green Paper provides clear evidence of the Government prioritising the prevention of ill-health, and we are delighted to see specific commitments to address lifestyle risk factors, and the support for prevention programmes in areas such as smoking, obesity and alcohol, all of which are potential breast cancer risk factors. 

However, this green paper is a missed opportunity to address the potential impact of environmental pollutants and harmful chemicals on many diseases, including the UK's most common cancer - breast cancer.  Any prevention policy needs to take this into account by treating issues of health and the environment as interlinked, rather than separate matters, whilst recognising the potential role that chemicals, especially endocrine disrupting chemicals, play in increasing breast cancer risk."


Notes to Editors

Breast Cancer UK’s mission is to prevent breast cancer through scientific research, collaboration, education and policy change. We educate and raise awareness of the preventable risk factors for breast cancer and provide practical information to help people reduce their risk. We campaign for policies that support prevention and we fund scientific research to better understand and address preventable risk factors. 

Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s- consultation document:

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