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NEWS: Snap election is an opportunity for breast cancer prevention

Published 5 May 2017

When Theresa May stepped out on to Downing Street to announce a snap general election on 8 June, it meant battle stations. And not just for political parties, but for charities too.

A general election provides an opportunity for us to tell politicians how much the British public care about the prevention of diseases like breast cancer.

That is why we have published A Manifesto for the Prevention of Breast Cancer, which we have sent to political parties asking them to include measures for the prevention of ill health in their manifestos.

The stakes are high

We need all candidates in this election to understand that we can do more to prevent diseases like breast cancer. This isn’t just about saving the NHS millions of pounds, it’s about saving as many people as possible from having to experience being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. This is about people alive today, and future generations.

We need to make sure that breast cancer prevention is on the political agenda.

34 days and counting…

We only have a short time until polling day, and we need your help.

  1. Print off our manifesto. If a candidate knocks on your door, you can hand it to them and ask them what they would do to help prevent diseases like breast cancer

  2. Tweet your local candiates with a link to our manifesto or just share it on social media

  3. Want to do more to help prevent breast cancer in your local community? Get involved and become an ambassador

  4. Donate. Your generous donations fund scientific research, education programmes, and our campaigns

We have 34 days and counting to make sure that everyone standing for election knows that more needs to be done to prevent breast cancer.

Let’s get to work.

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