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Breast Cancer UK announces support for No More Page 3 campaign

Published 14 Apr 2014

Following discussions with the campaign’s founder, Lucy Holmes, Breast Cancer UK decided to endorse the No More Page 3 campaign on the grounds that Page 3 perpetuates an idealised and for many women unattainable, body image, especially for those women that have undergone surgery due to breast cancer.   

Page 3 recently hit the headlines again with the launch of   ‘Check ‘Em Tuesdays&rsquo$$ a campaign which uses Page 3 to encourage women to check themselves for signs of breast cancer.  Whilst Breast Cancer UK believes that breast awareness and early diagnosis of breast cancer is important, it has concerns that this approach arguably uses breast cancer as an excuse for sexual objectification. 

Breast Cancer UK’s statement of support reads: “Page 3 perpetuates the idea that a woman’s worth is determined by the extent to which her body conforms to an idealised image. This image is unattainable to the vast majority of women, let alone those who have had to go through surgery and other treatment for breast cancer.”

Breast Cancer UK is dedicated to achieving the primary prevention of breast cancer by reducing public exposure to the carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals in our environment and everyday products.

As an organisation that prioritises action and advocacy, we support the No More Page 3 campaign which seeks to hold The Sun to account for its actions. We believe we can take action to make our world a safer and healthier place, and support action that aims to improve health and wellbeing by holding government and industries to account.

No More Page 3 was started in 2012 and the petition now has over 180,000 signatures, with a multitude of organisations declaring their support for the campaign.

For more information on No More Page 3, see its website:

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