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The 2013 Berlaymont Declaration on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Published 24 May 2013

An international group of scientists have signed the 2013 Berlaymont Declaration, which calls for tougher EU regulation on some chemicals commonly used in our everyday products.  

Research has shown that chemicals commonly used in thousands of different products – including pesticides and many types of plastics – have some effect on the human endocrine (hormone) system. The scientists are concerned that people’s exposure to these chemicals, both singly and in combination with others, may be contributing to high and rising levels of cancers and other serious diseases.

The declaration says that the rate of increase in endocrine-related diseases cannot be explained by genetics or lifestyle choices alone and that that current EU chemicals regulations are "entirely inadequate" for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The signatories say that current regulations stating that low levels of exposure to these chemicals is safe, ignore the possibility that many endocrine disruptors may act without thresholds, causing disruption at any concentration.


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