Dear Santa 

It’s been a tough year – for us, for everyone. We’re guessing, being Santa and all, that youre pretty used to self-isolation seeing as you’re in hibernation most of the time 

For our charity though, and many others, it’s been pretty catastrophic.   

Typically, when people raise money for charities, they hold an event. But of course, events have been restricted since last spring. Fewer events means fewer donations. It’s as simple as that.   

On top of that, many people have been hard-hit financially, so understandably donating to charity is not top of their agenda.   

Santa, we’re writing to you because we’ve got it on good authority that your sack is a bottomless pit. We don’t want to compete with the good little children out there, especially after what they’ve had to put up with over the last nine months.  

But we wondered if you could see your way to putting a little something in our stocking this Christmas. We promise we have been good this year. 

We’ve been zooming about raising awareness of how people can lower their risk of breast cancer.  We’ve released a video on how to check for signs of breast cancerAnd another that explains how being physically active can reduce the risk of breast cancer anits recurrence. And we’re working on creative ways to get our vital work to prevent breast cancer to every corner of the UK 

We know your stockingtrade is toys, but maybe those hardworking elves could knock out a few gold coins for a change? A stocking full of fivers, or to the jingle of coins next to the jingle of bells this Christmas, would really make our day 

We promise it will be spent on research and awareness to prevent breast cancer. Does that sound fair? 

Merry Christmas to you and all your hardworking elves. 

Breast Cancer UK 


P.S. – Men can get breast cancer too you know, and as alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer, and you’re a little plump (which also increases your riskwe’ve decided to leave you a glass of carrot juice by the chimney breast. (carrot juice is full of carotenoids which helps prevent the dreaded C).  

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