PIF Tick Accreditation

PIF TICK – the quality mark for trusted health information

Breast Cancer UK has joined the PIF TICK scheme as a ‘trusted information creator’.

To make sure our information meets the highest possible standards, we have signed up for independent assessment by the PIF TICK – the UK-quality mark for health and care information.

The PIF TICK, which launched in May 2020, and is run by the non-profit Patient Information Forum (PIF).

To gain accreditation,organisations must meet 10 key criteria in their information production process.

This means you can be assured that what you are reading, watching or listening to is evidence-based, understandable, jargon-free, up-to-date and produced to the best possible standard.

We are committed to making sure all our information is reliable, evidence-based and accessible.

For more information about the PIF Tick scheme please visit their website – www.piftick.org.uk,

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