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UK Public Health Policy

Whilst improvements in diagnosis and treatment have led to a reduction in mortality rates for breast cancer, efforts to prevent the disease have stalled. The age standardised rate of breast cancer rose 24% in women between 1993-1995 and 2012-2014. Breast Cancer UK believe it is time for a fresh approach to the prevention of breast cancer and a greater focus on all of the risk factors. 

We're calling for the prioritisation of the primary prevention of breast cancer; a cancer strategy that acknowledges hormone disrupting chemicals as a potential risk factor for breast cancer; and, greater research investment into the causes of the disease. We engage with Government departments, independent agencies and other relevant stakeholders in an effort to persuade key policy makers that more can be done to help prevent breast cancer, not just deal with the consequences.  

Make your voice heard - write to your MP

A lot of laws and regulations that protect people from harmful chemicals originate in the EU. You can write to your elected Member of Parliament and ask what they will do to ensure that public health is protected once the UK leaves the EU.

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