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Brexit and Public Health

A lot of laws and regulations that protect people from harmful chemicals originate in the European Union (EU). While not without its flaws, EU legislation has been responsible for a lot of progress in protecting human health in the UK over the last forty years, from improving air quality to banning BPA in babies’ bottles. We need to ensure that we build on this progress and do not let the UK slip backwards.

Protecting our health

While the UK is involved in EU policy making, Breast Cancer UK will continue to work hard to ensure that EU policies help to prevent breast cancer. However, if the UK leaves the EU, policy makers in Westminster and the devolved parliaments may have more responsibility for chemical and environmental regulation. We are making sure that they are informed about the regulations we will need to protect and the opportunities that they may have to reduce our exposure to chemicals linked to breast cancer.

Brexit must not mean the weakening of laws and regulations that protect our health. It is an opportunity to highlight the actions we want form UK policy makers and put direct pressure on them.

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