Putt for Prevention

Can you sink a 30-foot putt for Breast Cancer UK?

We’re asking you to attempt a 30-foot putt!

This is because new studies show that at least 30% of breast cancers could be prevented. 

Over the last two years over 25 golf clubs have taken part in Putt for Prevention raising almost £10,000 between them! Could you join them?  

Why 30?

We want to raise awareness that over 30% of breast cancer cases could be prevented.  By making small changes to your lifestyle, such as staying active and eating a healthy diet, you can significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer.

The average golfer walks 3 to 6 miles during an 18-hole round of golf which is a great way to keep active!

It’s time to channel your inner Pro!

How to take part

  1. Order your fundraising pack so that we can support you every step of the way and provide you with some handy materials to make your event a success. 
  2. Choose a date for the challenge and let everyone at your golf club know about it.  
  3. Choose the hole at which to complete the challenge 
  4. Measure a 30-foot distance for the hole, this could be done using footsteps as 12 average footsteps are equivalent to 30 feet. 
  5. Challenge your fellow golfers to sink a hole in one. 
  6. Ask everyone who takes part to donate £5, £30, or £300 
  7. Announce the winner – this can be, the golfer who sinks a hole in one or succeeds in getting the ball in the hole in the fewest shots, or gets the ball the closest to the hole. – if there is a tie, you’ll have to do a shoot-off! 
  8. The winner or the club receives 30% of the total fund and the remaining 70% is donated to Breast Cancer UK, which you can do easily by setting up a Just Giving page or donating via our online donation form 

P.S. Remember to share your efforts on social #puttforprevention and tag us: 

Instagram @breastcanceruk,

Facebook: @breastcanceruk,   

LinkedIn: @Breast Cancer UK

Twitter: @BreastCancer_UK 

Other ways to support us  

  1. Choose us as Charity of the Year for your golf club. We’ll work with you to create a calendar of fundraising events and activities throughout the year  
  2. Arrange your own golf day or fundraising event 

Whether you Putt for Prevention, organise a golf day or select us as your Charity of The Year, all funds raised will be used to support our work to prevent breast cancer.  

Please get in touch if you’ve got any questions or would like to discuss your fundraising ideas by emailing Victoria at [email protected] or calling 0845 680 1322.

Putt for Prevention social media and resource pack

Download our Putt for Prevention social media and resource pack here and share it with your contacts and networks!

Chip in to help prevent breast cancer in future generations

Now more than ever, we need your help. Together we can help lower people’s risk of developing breast cancer. If you’ve found the information on our website helpful, then please consider making a donation today. Thank you.